Foods 1 Biscuit Lab {Second Period}


We had some proud kids during our first solo lab. The kids received a demonstration the day before and took off hesitant at first, getting to know their kitchen, but jumped right in with the flour every where.

Soon, they were making progress with thick and loose dough. I heard comments about more milk being added if it looked dry and add more flour if it looked loose, just like we discussed yesterday.



It’s not fun until you get your hands messy.


Zoe, Emily and Juraj were very proud of their tea biscuits (the large ones were from another group).IMG_8244

Now you see why they deserve to be proud…Fluffy, yummy hot biscuits.




Now this group is cookin’






It takes an army to butter biscuits!



Brandon, Rae and Nyla did a good job!IMG_8245



My non-speaking English student, Oliverto (the far right) is learning new things. Mrs. Brown is also,

Galleta is biscuit in spanish! He is creating flashcards with foods terms on a ring to help him learn some of our new words.



I’m proud of second period for their very first lab and how their biscuits turned out. GREAT job, Foods 1!

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