Foods 1 Biscuit Lab {Third Period}

IMG_8265Calling all biscuit lovers! Oh yeah, they’re already here. This class loves biscuits.

It’s not fun until everyone gets involved.


All smiles measuring and mixing; that’s my kind of Cougar Kitchen!



I like how this class took turns getting involved; messy hands equals FUN!


In fact, a group of three had their three rows of nine biscuits each, plus one, mapped out for eating hot out of the oven. See the three rows below 🙂




And here’s the proud bakers!IMG_8263


Now Bamer gets serious about his kneading.IMG_8256



His group is serious about great tasting biscuits, way to go!


Caelan is making sure the dough is just right.




Brittany keeping the cool factor in biscuit making!


Photo worthy biscuits, girls!



This class likes them light and fluffy. Score! Way to go Third Period!

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