Homemade Cheese Sauce Demonstration and Extra Credit Opportunitites


Foods 1 students are jumping into learning about Dairy products. On Thursday, we learned how to scald milk, make baked custard and cooked pudding via youtube clips. Mrs. Brown taught the students how to make a homemade cheese sauce and talked about the following:

  • a roux
  • milk scum
  • clarified butter
  • flour used as a thickening agent
  • curdled milk
  • processed verses real cheese products
  • scorch
  • cultured milk
  • ripened verses unripened cheese
  • homogenization

We discussed Cheese Whiz verses the real homemade cheese. Students sampled the real thing {homemade cheese sauce} while they worked independently on a Dairy Foods Vocabulary Sheet.


I’d say it was a delicious day! Students can click here for the recipe that we made in class. I always encourage students to practice what I demonstrate at home for extra credit. They can take a picture on their phone and get a parent/guardian note indicating the student attempted the recipe at home. This exercise is an exceptional way for students to learn life skills that will reinforce our lessons and help him or her to live independently.

Have a super weekend. I am enjoying your students 🙂

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