Advanced Cutting Skills {Foods 2}

Foods 2 is learning about knife fundamentals. We started with my prezi identifying the knife parts as well as the nine different cuts they will practice in lab on day 2.



I had them create a knife graphic with foldable to help them remember the size of the cuts after watching each video clip on prezi.

The nine different cuts went well considering we had two hours to pull it off. It was because of the extra power block time, which is our homeroom. It gave us ample time to review the video clips, gain tips from Mrs. Brown and practice the cuts hands on. Students were required to practice and label with the slips of paper provided.







Chiffonade in action


An army working on chiffonade

IMG_8374 IMG_8373 IMG_8372

Our vegetables are not going to waste. We made fried julienne hashbrowns to share. Tomorrow we are making homemade potato soup with the large diced potatoes, minced garlic, small diced onion and julienne carrots. It’s going to be a yummy day.

Chef hats off to the students who had a long 2 hour class learning nine advanced cuts and lots of clean up afterward.

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