Beans and More Beans


Foods 1 is taking on a new unit, beans and legumes. We started with my prezi about bean nutrition and moved onto to trying a lot of beans and legumes. Some were happy..



Iggy recording how the beans taste.


Caelan, not so sure with the taste.


What is it about beans that make us so happy? Real Cougar men eat beans 🙂


Real Cougar women eat beans, too, with some reservation…Scarlett may be having second thoughts about the black eye peas.


Pintos are mild and tasty, Zoe might agree.

Next we moved on to learning the differences between dried and canned with the prezi and some more video clips. The students learned how to sort dried beans and founds some ugly, sad and distorted beans  while looking more closely.



A rock??


A twig??


Searching through beans is a group effort.


A little music to the ears might help the tedious process.


Ila takes great detail in searching through her pintos.

IMG_8360Oliverto, our ESL student catches on quickly.


The kids have learned the cost, appearance and taste differences among can and dried beans today. They have their dried beans soaking overnight and guess what’s on the menu for tomorrow’s lab?

Vegetarian Taco Chili…Stay tuned.

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