Learning about Egg and Dairy through Technology {DIY Commercials}

Foods 1 students are learning about the differences between egg and dairy through technology. After going over the notes about egg and dairy differences and similarities, I gave the students the assignment to create a 30 second commercial. We watched the 1990’s Incredible Edible Egg Commercial and talked about various ways to promote their product. The main criteria of the project was to make it 30 seconds and include at least 3 facts that were on the graphic notes about eggs or dairy. They were to choose which product they were promoting via the commercial.

I was excited to see wheels turning and how differently everyone’s commercial turned out.

Congratulations to both class periods for pulling off the assignment well with A’s and B’s. It’s always thrilling to see how imaginative students can be. Enjoy watching stand up comedy, skits, Food Network’s version of CHOP and eggcellent jokes and a freestyle rap by my Foods 1 students.







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