Garnishing Lab


After an informative garnishing lecture, the Foods 2 class was ready to dive into some techniques they viewed on youtube.

I had three lab stations set-up for the students to practice. Apple swans was an adventure and quite challenging and several students produced great looking products.


Everyone agreed Sage had it down to a science and he was a super mentor to those who wanted to give it a whirl.

IMG_8453America had a good time with her garnishing.

IMG_8471Way to go, America.

IMG_8452Here’s a good looking product.

Next up, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots. What can we do with them?


Why flowers, of course.


All green stems vary in color so they outer cucumber pee as well as the inside, both work for the stem of the rose.

IMG_8463Last, chocolate and caramel plate painting.

IMG_8462 IMG_8475

Students practiced swirling and whirling with a toothpick.

They felt just like a professional in the youtube videos.


We had some leftover frozen cupcakes that we quickly frosted after they were thawed. That become the dessert on these elegant dessert plates.

What do you think? Delicious looking or what?

IMG_8466 IMG_8474 IMG_8473 IMG_8470


I love the creativity that sparked among the students.

I do believe this was the favorite station of all. Of course, the chocolate helps.

Way to go garnish, Foods 2.


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