Muffin Mania






Foods 1 experienced muffin mania today. We had 48 muffins to share, taste, judge and determine the best one based on our discussion how to mix muffins properly.

IMG_8438The kids were learning how to mix the dry ingredients in a separate bowl and make a well in the center.


The all dude group did a good job keeping the bowls separate and using the right tools for liquid and dry.



They took time to make a streusel topping.

IMG_8441Tabis was exceptionally good a filling the liners 2/3 full.


Way to go Bamer, Tabis and Zion! I love to see guys having a good time in the kitchen and look at their product.



It was voted the best blueberry muffin and you can see why!


Check out some chocolate chip muffins.

IMG_8443Now that’s what causes in nearby classes to come over for a long sniff. It’s the chocolate.


Other groups are perfecting their muffin method. A great effort at chocolate chip muffins.


Mixing is teamwork.

IMG_8421And they agree the streusel is the icing on the cupcake.

These guys had their blueberry muffins perfected as well.


Anthony is giving me a peek into his warm blueberry goodness, way to go guys.


Oliverto is really enjoying his labor of love.


Way to go! Yes, they smell good, Emily.


Moses is delivering his sample muffins to each group for the taste test, OR is he keeping them for himself?


And the muffin scorecard is on between four groups. Who will be chopped from the competition? 🙂


I have to commend one group for pulling of a pretty chocolate chocolate chip muffin. They used melted shortening and got it a little too hot which melted their chocolate chips. We improvised and kept the batter and dropped some more chips on top of the batter in the liners.


Way to go Ray and Shaina, looking yummy!



Were their any muffins left, out of 96 muffins between two classes?


Very few and absolutely none between these two guys.


Seriously…they ate 6 each.

IMG_8430Can you see why?

Muffin mania was a success with six muffins leftover out of 96. The lonely half dozen were left for our night janitors. I like to leave them a morsel or two for their hard work.



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