Yeast Breads {3 types}


Foods 2 rip roared through three types of yeast breads today. We are studying five different types: croissants, brioche, parkerhouse, cloverleaf and braid. Because we have three different cooking groups, I had them each focus on one.

We also studied mixer and batter method. We used the Artisan Bread dough in five to make a yeast bread batter and speed up the process of yeast breads. The students were not quite fond of the plain taste of this dough. I know that they are not used to homemade bread without the sugar and preservatives of commercial bread. I suppose you have to have a taste for homemade bread. I can’t wait to showcase how this dough is versatile with a pizza braid in an upcoming demonstration. We’ll see how they like the braid and a cheese brioche that I plan to make.

As the teacher, I was pleased with the before and after pictures. Let us know what you think…

The triangles being prepared for croissants


Croissants before baking


We ended up with some nice looking croissants


Parkerhouse Rolls being prepped by Hannah


IMG_8503Randesha is doing a good job butterin’ those rolls while Cheyenne approves.

IMG_8506 IMG_8507

And check out the fantastic end product.


The last group worked on the cloverleaf technique in the muffin pan.

IMG_8499 IMG_8498

I think they have this process down.


More than enough rolls for the class

IMG_8509Gorgeous finished product.

Way to go Foods 2, practicing your three types of yeast breads. More to come, stay tuned.

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