Halloween Buffet Lab {Foods 1, Second Block}

IMG_8538Foods 1 had a fantastic time eating, drinking and listening to spooky Halloween music while they enjoyed their finger foods buffet. We purposely planned finger foods to learn what is appropriate for fingers since we will have our formal meal next week. We also themed it around Halloween since it’s just around the corner. Students were required to have a table with a centerpiece and place cards and use their imagination. They were allowed to choose their own Halloween or Fall finger food. Here’s what they came up with:


Mummy pizza ready for the oven.


Very cute finished product!

IMG_8517Spooky chicken fingers being prepared.


I love the fingernails.


The guys love BBQ sauce with theirs.

IMG_8515Emily and Juraj are working on pumpkin pie cheese crackers being prepped for the buffet. Zoe’s working on her centerpiece.

IMG_8519Edible cuteness!


The buffet food went fast.

IMG_8528Shaina’s group improvised a large cookie cake for small cookies and made a spider.

And now the tables…

IMG_8534Shaina, Aj and Rae


Zoe’s group using a table runner and making a selfie. Love the pumpkin and leaves.

IMG_8548Emily’s showing off her glow in the dark earring provided by Mrs. Brown.

IMG_8545We had lots of festive fun.

IMG_8546Enjoying those crackers!


Another nice looking table and center piece in Moses’ group.

IMG_8532Very nice place card


Check out the hanging spider center piece.

IMG_8537 IMG_8539An awesome Halloween Buffet for second period!

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