Pizza Buffet {Yeast Dough Variations}

IMG_8668Calling all pizza lovers, we had a big buffet of delicious, piping hot pizza. The Foods 2 students are continuing their study on yeast breads, practicing the correct temperature to proof the yeast. Today we tried several variations: whole wheat blend (1/2 white whole wheat and 1/2 all purpose), 100% white whole wheat, commercial frozen dough (all-purpose) and a caramel apple dessert pizza to show the different texture and cooking time when using fruit.

We used Mrs. Brown’s famous no rise, no fail crust variation recipe here.

Check out the pizza prep going on.


America is getting into her commercial dough because it’s much stretchier with more gluten  than homemade. Go America, Go!!!


Deandre is a fantastic helper in his group, cleaning for them as they cook. It sure helps this group a lot.


Rebecca got to use Mrs. Brown’s favorite personal tool from home: apple, peeler, corer gizmo. It sure helps speed things along with this group. I also gave them pre-made dough which allowed them time to make two dessert pizzas for the class. YAYHOO!



Matthew was excited about this tool also.


I’m proud of Austin for doing a great job rolling out his first homemade pizza crust.

IMG_8656And now he’s made two, go Austin, go!

IMG_8663After the seasoned apple slices are on the dough, Matthew adds a wonderful crumb topping that makes this dessert taste like homemade apple pie, but much easier.

IMG_8671Need I say more? You should have seen the kids eat the first round of pizza.

IMG_8670Only a crumb left behind.

IMG_8673Fortunately we had extra dessert pizza because everyone was stuffed with this hearty pizza.


And this one.


And finally one last one…


And now you see why they are all feeling like stuffed crust.

IMG_8674We saved you one last piece of homemade caramel apple pizza. Enjoy




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