Pretzel Lab {Yeast Dough Variations}


We are trying our best to compete with Aunt Annie’s pretzels using this recipe. Because we are practicing the correct temperature to proof the yeast and types of flours including white whole wheat, this was a perfect recipe. It did take a while to get the hang of twisting the ropes and the boiling soda bath was tedious and hot!


Randesha’s group did a great job rolling out the ropes.


America and Sage are always working together in the dough.



Yep, getting messier.

IMG_8632Austin has one perfect looking pretzel.

IMG_8636Here’s what they looked like after boiling.

IMG_8644We had this awesome pumpkin praline variation.

IMG_8642Here’s a variation using frozen dough with an egg wash and sea salt.


Sage is busy cutting up bite size samples for the class.


Finally everyone’s favorite, cinnamon and sugar variation. It does look amazing.

Look out Aunt Annie, I’m sending my students for a job.


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