Formal Dining Project {Part 2}


The project day finally arrived with the kids excited about their 5 course meal, the biggest meal of the year. The students worked diligently to set their formal table just perfect and prepare the assigned recipe. Several tables were elegant awaiting their guests. Just check out the hard work the kids prepared for three days.



I really like the contemporary centerpiece.IMG_8686These place cards are creatively written on leaves and I like the sparkle element.

IMG_8691How about a close-up?

IMG_8689Talk about formality and a great use of nature.

IMG_8690Miss Eddings and Mr. Hamilton, I love the edging.

The menu awaits.


Vegetable soup is a hit.

Oliverto is learning to make homemade caesar dressing in the blender.IMG_8681

He is doing a super job garnishing the salad with croutons, cheese and pepper.




What a fabulous, fresh salad!

IMG_8683Delicious Caesar Salad

IMG_8693Creamy chicken alfredo with broccoli

IMG_8695The girls worked hard on this entree.

IMG_8697Corin is all dressed up for her formal meal. I love the centerpiece, so creative with tinted water, rocks and goldfish. You guys rock!


Shaina is making some warm garlic cheddar biscuits with Rae cleaning up right after her. Smile, it’s all good!

IMG_8679Way to go with the main entree, Nyla! Your glasses are getting all steamy.

IMG_8694Dessert is a no bake oreo cheesecake. YUM! Do they have room for this?

IMG_8688Let’s ask this table if they’re still hungry.


Students had the opportunity to practice their formal manners they’ve learned. What a great experience for these students to learn the fundamentals of fine dining.








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