Pink Cinnamon Rolls {Foods 2 Entrepreneurship}



While Foods 1 was busy with the 5 course meal, Foods 2 got ready to make some pink cinnamon rolls. Mrs. Brown started a quadruple pink batch early in the morning to jump start the kids in fourth block.

Pink food gel was added to this awesome recipe that makes soft, easy to work dough.


Thank goodness Randesha works at Cinnabon and mentored students to create the best cinnamon rolls ever.


She has the process down to a science.


I love the pink color and look at all that brown sugar and cinnamon.


Check out these jumbo rolls.


We had one unfortunate event during the baking process…An emergency school evacuation to the football stadium. The ovens were shut off and the rolls were still waiting on us when we returned.

IMG_8711Randesha knew how to check for doneness and with our new digital thermometers.



Pink fondant anyone? Thanks to our dying crew with Dajonna, we’re going to have some pink ribbons on top.

IMG_8704De Andre added some muscle to the fondant and had it mixed in no time. Thank you, thank you.

IMG_8706Jamel jumped into the smashing and mashing, just like play dough.

IMG_8707Sage is tediously working to get our rolls ready despite our inconvenient outdoor break.

IMG_8716The end result were fluffy, hot, delicious, ooey, gooey pink cinnamon rolls to raise breast cancer awareness.

IMG_8712Wouldn’t you pay $1 for this? Notice how large it turned out. Randesha, our Cinnabon expert says we could have charged $5! I think I agree at least $2 since it fills up a whole take out tray.

No, we’re a generous student business learning the ropes. Enjoy those buns, even if you have to save the other 3/4 for tomorrow or the next day.



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