Teaching 6 Nutrients {Fooducation}


Foods 1 students began a new unit on the six nutrients and they are a new learning origami skill while we’re at it. Check out our nutrient chain of notes. This was an interactive way to get the students to rotate tables, copy notes and make a hands-on visual.


It kept them busy thinking about food sources as they cut out examples from magazines.

They also learned about the cool fooducate app. I had them download the fooducate app on their smart phone device and we traveled to different stations scanning products while analyzing the main nutrient.


We discovered generic products, like Laura Lynn, the Ingles store brand would not scan.

DCIM100GOPROBarilla brand pasta worked, yay. Zoe’s checking out the nutrient facts. It contains 46 g of carbs!


Scanning products with your smart phone is a great way to utilize technology in the classroom.

No one had ever heard of this app until I introduced it to them. I challenged them to go home and see what grade their healthiest products receive. I also encouraged them to have other family members use the app.


And that’s the way I foodcuate my students!



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