Preschool Lab


We are studying the different life stages of nutrition in Foods 1 and the high school students got to repeat their childhood days. I wanted them to experience the fun and creativity of preschool foods through a fun lab.

With Thanksgiving around the corner it was fun to make some tasty fall recipes like this acorn snack.


We also made some mini-chocolate apples with some leftover apples we had on hand. I substituted chocolate for the caramel in the recipe since we’re using our pantry staples. Here is the mini-caramel recipe.

IMG_8889Eric did a nice job holding snacks.

IMG_8893This size is perfect for preschoolers because there is no way they would eat a huge apple.

IMG_8894My favorite snack was the turkey bag filled with popcorn. The students had fun creating a turkey and they realized how difficult it is to create fun snacks for preschoolers. Not too many students said they were ready to be a preschool caregiver, yet.

We enjoyed getting back in touch with our preschool years 🙂


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