Restaurant Projects with Menu Tasting {Winner}

IMG_8910Foods 2 finished up our entrepreneurship with a bang. Students have worked hard for several weeks starting their very own restaurant from the ground up. I used a fantastic lesson I found with handouts that I tweaked very little. Students also made a website with a menu link. It was an exciting two days of menu sampling with a guest judge from a local partner, Fun Depot. Our winner of this project based on creativity, hard work, menu, website and food sample was Dajonna Boyd. Congratulations!!

Her product was a cookie cake, which impressed our judge, Mr. Ward.


We had some other amazing products too.

IMG_8896Randesha made some mean Chicken Marsala.


Who loves Philly Steak sandwiches?


Matthew does at his Sleeping Sandwich cafe.

IMG_8907Who wouldn’t try this sandwich?

IMG_8898Hannah is busy making Super Loaded Nachos, look at all those ingredients.



America made some delicious looking fajitas.



Our doughnut sample came from Cheyenne.

IMG_8883Sprinkles, anyone?


Cheese quesadillas from Casie’s restaurant was a hit also.

What a buffet of samples we had.



The restaurant sampling day will probably be a favorite lab! Way to go Foods 2 honors students!

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