What’s on your Breakfast Plate? {Omelette Bar}

Mrs. Brown wants to know what’s on her student’s breakfast plate. She hopes to see good choices kids make from the omelette bar and have them analyze their plate using foodtracker. This awesome website helps students look at the food guide plate as a whole and see what food groups might be missing, which ones are represented and more.

First things first. Students must watch the one egg omelette tutorial found on you tube above. Then students got to work by scrambling their own egg and milk, preparing their pan and toppings from the omelette bar.


It’s time to build a healthy omelette. Can it be done?


Look at all of our choices.


With a 1/2 banana as a fruit choice, students got a lot of potassium.

IMG_9593Last was the toast bar with whole wheat, bread, butter, grape jam, apple butter and honey.


Our Spanish speaking student, Oliverto made some healthy choices.

Check out his delicious looking omeltte. He even learned to slide the omelette out of the pan and use the side of the pan to fold it over just like the youtube. We’ll post his video in just a bit. Look out for it.


Mrs. Brown is hoping all the students learn from this breakfast experience by following up with supertracker and doing a class poll whether they met the food guide plate or not.

After 12 cakes and 3  homemade frostings with foods 2 and 25 omelettes with foods 1, we are out of eggs.


It’s been an eggciting week.

IMG_9609No joke, 60 eggs gone.

IMG_9603We’ve got leftovers for the freezer for our pantry challenge in a couple of weeks. Mrs. Brown loves to stash away extra and never waste food. The kids will appreciate the extra toppings for another lab of their choice during the meal planning unit.


We’ll call it an eggstrordinary day making lots of cakes and omelettes. Thanks for reading our blog.

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