Gingerbread Creation Day 2: Royal icing and decorating

IMG_9844The mixer is roaring in the Cougar Kitchen. We’ve got several batches of royal icing ready to go.

IMG_9845The piping bags are folded down and ready to go.

IMG_9847The icing is scraped into bag filling it no more than halfway full.


The rings are tightened on the coupler and the tips are pipe crazy for gingerbread.

IMG_9848Extra icing must be stored with a damp towel to keep from hardening.

IMG_9812The students choose a cake board and discover some pieces are cracked, an oopsy.

IMG_9814The more icing or we call glue, the better to hold down the pieces on the board.

IMG_9849Students found out that jars and cans work well for stabilizing pieces until hardened and dry.

IMG_9855Some student choose cans to hold the roof together.


Even pasta boxes work for stability.

IMG_9834Zion’s group did a great patch work job on their roof and guess what? It held up for the entire construction! Way to improvise and go with the flow guys. Love the picket fence.

IMG_9829One by one houses are going up with sides, gable and a roof.

IMG_9831It’s interesting to see how one group chose to mold the roof first and then attach it to the house.

IMG_9832They had a few difficulties with the cracks in the foundation and look who’s in the blue lagoon.

IMG_9842This group put a little lot too much icing on the roof.

Unfortunately it looked like the big bad wolf had blown it down by third period.


Mrs. Brown decided to reconstruct it as best as she could scrape off the dried excess icing with an offset spatula and using lots of stability for the heavy structure.

Got candy? Yes, second period has plenty!!

IMG_9811This is all four one house, can you believe it?


They had plenty to create some side scenes. Remember the eight reindeer?

IMG_9821Here’s comes Dasher, Dancer, Prancer…Rudolph.

IMG_9818The roof is coming along nicely.

IMG_9823The windows were adorned with flattened gum drops and the patio is melted starlight mints.

IMG_9850Most houses went up easily while a few struggled with the pausing/drying process and tried too quickly.

IMG_9861After trial and error, we had some unique creations.

IMG_9859Check out the hershey kisses on this house and I was worried it might fall, but NOPE it held up perfectly. Way to go Austin, the master creator.IMG_9865Here is the final creation and a lovely side scene.


Rebecca and America are doing a smashing cute job.

IMG_9838Students learned how to work together.

IMG_9824Students learned the importance of try, trying again (this house fell a time or two).

IMG_9826Students learned how to critically think.

IMG_9816Students practiced details and brainstorming.

IMG_9854This is Cougar’s Kitchen First Annual Gingerbread Creations and a learning experience I will repeat.

Look out for close-up interviews with the groups sharing what they learned, liked and would do differently. We’ll post these shortly.


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