Gingerbread Houses Day 1


Eight house kits are now cut and baked by Foods 1 and 2 students. After a google image search and a field trip to see the Gingerbread Competition at Grove Park Inn for ideas, the students were ready to create houses from scratch.

IMG_9725The kids used their house templates to create the perfect house…we are hoping.

After watching several youtube videos, we discovered it was best not to move the final cut-out due to distortion and less than perfect pieces cause a not so perfect construction process đŸ™‚

The kids either cut out on a silpat mat or parchment paper with a pizza wheel. One group flipped the pieces over onto the cookie sheet which caused some distortion of the shapes (we later discovered when assembling).

IMG_9728The best method was cutting out on the parchment paper, removing the scraps and then keeping the cut out on the same paper. TRIAL AND ERROR works wonders. Next year we’ll review our notes and know the best way.

IMG_9727The students did a great job despite the flour bombed kitchen after baking with three classes.

IMG_9729See what I mean, flour bombed classroom times eight groups.

IMG_9721Oliverto works hard on gingerbread cut-outs that will look awesome on and around the house. Now how will they use all those reindeer? We’ll find out, maybe Dasher, Dancer, Comet, Rudolph and so on???

IMG_9718Students found out it helped to liberally flour the dough and the working surface to keep it from sticking.


The excess flour can always be brushed with a pastry brush (though the students thought I was giving them a real paint brush).


Some great handiwork went into the details for second period. Wait until you see their creation!

IMG_9716This is a small class of eight and they decided to construct a class model rather than groups.

IMG_9715Everyone works hard to create a lot of cookies.

IMG_9730After nine hours of cutting and baking, we had countless cookies on hand for our big creation day on Monday.

IMG_9731Eight gingerbread kits by 3:30 p.m. Whew, we’re calling it day!


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