Holiday Festivities

IMG_9932We are celebrating Christmas with our gingerbread house videos and field trip pictures AND a popcorn and hot chocolate bar. It’s my gift to my students for an awesome, well done year.

IMG_9928How about some homemade hot chocolate mix?


Just a little stir-ins to make it more delicious.


And we must have a snack with it.


It’s a DIY popcorn bar with goodies

IMG_9927Plenty of popcorn in our class to share.


Let’s celebrate some fantastic first attempts at homemade gingerbread houses.

IMG_9933We have our own village.


I think the bars were a hit.



We even had chocolate covered stirring spoons with a little crushed oreo on top of the whipped cream. Austin likes!

We had a whole lot of spoons to go around thanks to second period.


IMG_9890Thanks Nyla for your help.

IMG_9886Iggy helped with the white chocolate.

IMG_9888Oliverto is mastering the crushed peppermint sprinkles.

IMG_9891Shaina is a great helper to Iggy.


Can you imagine how delicious our hot chocolate tastes stirring with these?


Time to stir.

IMG_9938Matthew agrees.

IMG_9949Deadre is savoring his hot chocolate.

IMG_9945Rebecca is excited to take home her creation to share with her family.

What an exciting Christmas season and I’m blessed to teach here at this awesome school.


The most unexpected event happened our staff party. The principal started the Teacher of the Month award and I was the first recipient. IMG_9883


Really? I am honored to teach Foods 1 and 2 this year and it’s a pleasure to be teaching at Asheville High. I wish all my students a very Merry Christmas and a safe, blessed New Year. See you in 2015.


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