Iron Chef Competition


The mystery items are revealed for our first competition. Students are creating a recipe using these four ingredients. They are welcome to use staples from the refrigerator and pantry, including eggs, oil, flour, leavening agents.

45 minutes on the online stopwatch and the chefs are off.



Hmmmm, crushing the chow mein noodles?? What will this be?


Calean has his lap top open reading a recipe. Which recipe is it?

IMG_9971Zaria in her birthday crown is making either muffins or cup cakes, we shall see.

IMG_9968Thankfully, the students were allowed to use other items and this group chose salt and baking soda as their leavening agents. How will they use the chow mein noodles?


I think I see a crepe or a pancake and chocolate melting. I can’t wait to see the finished product.

IMG_9965What have I turned Zoe into? A mini Mrs. Brown taking close-ups of her food.

IMG_9960I’d take a close-up of this chow-chocolate muffin too.

IMG_9959Amazing taste with a hint of cinnamon and chow mein streusel.

IMG_9957They even had mini muffins.

IMG_9966The judges got to sample these beauties.

IMG_9964The other group made a Willy Wonka chocolate chip pancake. Looks yummy. Guess who won first period?

IMG_9959Chow-chocolate chip muffins and Emily is proud!

IMG_9962I’m going to miss this fun group!

Third period came up with some amazing looking products. I like the creativity of this doughnut hole rolled in crushed chow mein, chocolate and sugar. What a pretty presentation made by a group of guys called Crunchy Doughnut Surprise.


Chow chocolate brownies with milk, wow, good enough for Santa.IMG_9974

Chocolate Chip and Cinnamon muffin. Amazing presentation with oodles of chow mein and chocolate. IMG_9975

Corin Crepes with chocolate and chow mein topping named after Corin, the group leader.IMG_9976

And the winner of third period is…IMG_9973

The Crunchy Doughnut Surprise. Love on a Plate….

Here’s a glimpse of our surprise iron chef judges (thank you teachers).

Thank you Foods 1 for a super exciting semester! You are all Iron Chefs!!!


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