Copy Cat Chick-Fil-A Nuggets


We’re off to a new semester with our very first recipe in Foods 1. Why in the world is it this copycat recipe? We’ve been studying safety and sanitation through a variety of ways, including a safety video clip the students prepared and a sanitation app they dreamed up.

Today’s demonstration includes how to use a digital thermometer, how to use different food apps like Ask Karen and Is is Safe? on the Ipad. Students learned what temperature the cooked chicken should register before we inserted the thermometer in the thickest nugget we could find.


It must register at least 165F and not any lower or it’s unsafe, thus a potential set up for salmonella. The FDA research and food borne illnesses foldable helped students determine what kind of bacteria undercooked chicken could pose.

IMG_9984Miracle was very good at being the first assistant. She learned how to bread the nuggets in a gallon ziplog bag. Don’t be scared of the hot oil, Miracle. At least we know how to put out a grease fire if one were to occur, lol…cover with a lid or cookie pan. Never throw water on it. It was a good review for the kiddos.

West graciously is washing our dishes in the background while Mrs. Brown points out tips and tricks in making this recipe found here.

IMG_9980 - CopyTae in another class doing a good job browning the chicken on all sides. We’ll check it with the thermometer any minute.

IMG_9985Students like Audrey got to have a nice four piece sample of today’s demo.

IMG_9982We had a selection of sauces just like Chick-Fil-A. It was a yummy lesson on cross contamination, food borne illnesses and how to use a digital thermometer. Safety and sanitation is mandatory. Extra seasonings are optional. The students agreed the recipe link above needs a little more spice, perhaps I will try this recipe link the next time, with a little more salt and chili powder instead of paprika. Let Mrs. Brown know if you try either recipe at home for extra credit. Take a photo and get a parent signature.


…now that you know how to keep your food safe and sanitized.

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