As Seen On Cougar Kitchen Products

Do you want to know how to engage ALL students? Give them, what I call a Triple R Project and have them create an As Seen On Cougar Kitchen video using our Go Pro camera.

We started with the Padlet lesson on the triple Rs, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. We practiced identifying reused or recycled items from the pictures in padlet. We also looked at some cool recycling apps like Recycle Bank that reward you with points that can be redeemed for gift cards for recycling. Students liked the idea. I discussed ways to use up leftover foods in new dishes and some students shared ways their moms did it at home.

Finally groups chose random items I collected at home and school. I placed the assortment up for grabs on the demo table and students were free to let their imagination run wild. There were some very unusual ways to reuse these items into cool prototypes for their infomercial.

I found the Handy Dandy Hand, the Cat Pee Pee Shaker and the Winner, Winner Dinner Spinner to be to be very unusual. These students have some great ideas that could be patented.

After creating their prototype, their assignment was to write a descriptive paragraph detailing what the product does, how it helps someone, what it can do and any other possibilities. After watching the Bacon Bowl youtube and Bananalicilious, students saw how over the top descriptions and details were better and enticed more customers. Also, the creative title and price is important. Some infomercials offered 2 for the price of 1 and some students chose to go that route if the product was small.

And now the drum roll please, the following products are only available


Spinner, Spinner, Dinner Winner (Click here, don’t miss this one on Google Drive)

I enjoyed watching students who might otherwise frown upon the Triple Rs if it they weren’t given a hands-on project like this one. Though the prototypes varied in creativity and effort, every group produced an infomercial which lets me know they enjoy this type of project and learning. Way to go Foods 1 students for engaging yourself into reduce, recycle and reusing.


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