Impossibly Easy Mini Chicken Pot Pies Lab

IMG_0062After a week or two of snow, (I’ve lost count) we finally made these mini pot pies. What started as an originally easy recipe ended up being a difficult recipe through two fire drills. This batch got ditched. Several shortened classes kept us from having lab. As stated, they were not impossibly easy at all, but finally today all three Foods 1 classes had success with these cute mini pot pies.

I decided to do this recipe since the current 2.04 objective has several questions related to a very similar Bisquick recipe. I wanted to be able to refer to this hands-on experience when we reviewed for the test material. The test is tomorrow after three weeks of intermittent school so we’ll see what they remember!

I found this recipe on all recipes, but in retrospect, I think I’m going to do the regular size pot pie recipe here with fewer ingredients next time because they both take 30 minutes to bake and I think the pie plate would be easier for the pies to release.

Here’s some great shots of the kiddos making their pot pies.



Jasmine’s got the mini-pot pie procedure down pat.



I like the way Maria, Zavion and Oliver are so engaged in their cooking. They don’t even know I exist.IMG_0063


Arianna is a chicken expert.IMG_0057


Way to go Rivers. Your product looks great.



See what I mean.



Here’s a close-up of the delicious looking filling.




IMG_0070One small epic oops, melted recipe holder. It’s okay Rod. Mrs. Brown understands!


See the stringy mess we’re going to clean up. No laughing Cade; it can happen to anyone.

IMG_0068FYI guys: keep cooking stuff like plastic away from hot burners 🙂

IMG_0064Memekas is making is practicing for her next “Chopped” episode. I don’t think she will be chopped, do you?

IMG_0066Wowzers, look at the rise on these pot pies! Yummy looking.

IMG_0067And the cheesy chicken filling is devoured. Way to go Foods 1.

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