Food Safety Experiment {Finally, molded bread}

IMG_0048 At the beginning of the semester during our food safety and sanitation unit, we created this bread experiment to see which piece would mold the quickest based on our hand washing techniques learned. I tweaked the original experiment just a little by adding an extra bag labeled sanitized hands. You can see the differences in our pictures.

It took a very long time for the commercial sandwich bread to mold. In the future I think I will use homemade bread from the bread maker to get this experiment to mold quicker. The students would come in about once a week and check their bread, expecting changes. Unfortunately due to the number of preservatives we discovered Laura Lynn white bread takes quite a bit of time to mold. This reminds me a little of the McDonald’s Happy Meal Project. This experiment led to a good discussion about preservatives and why it took so long.

Interesting results:IMG_0053
Some dirty hand bread looked grey while others looked orange.


After some more research about mold, we learned mold grows in stages which explains the color variation.

Whether orange or grey, the students agreed clean hands are the very best way to cook!


Seriously who wants to share their dirty hand germs with others?




Mission accomplished: Encourage students to wash hands before labs and think about the germs that are on their hands.


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