No Bake Cookies {Peanut Free Lab}

IMG_0012It could be a challenge to make peanut free no bake cookies. However, I found a chocolate soy nut butter substitution and no complaints in my foods class.

IMG_0006What happens when the teacher realizes the second jar was not packed in her grocery bag?IMG_0010You improvise and make the cookies without the soy butter and you still get smiles.

IMG_0007In all seriousness, after this second block we had none for third block.

IMG_0011The cookies still worked well, chilled fine in the freezer and the kiddos gobbled most of them up. Some students who were not used to this old family favorite recipe stated it was a little too thick and sweet. Can you believe it?

IMG_0004Cookies going in the fridge to chill. We watched this allrecipes you tube to remind of us the importance of boiling the ingredients long enough.


Simple, easy, frugal, made with margarine instead of butter, and some made without soy nut butter {absolutely peanut free}.

We halved this recipe to make 2 dozen cookies.

If you’re an adult, do you remember making no bake cookies growing up?



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