Sushi Demo {provided by Ichiban}


What do you serve when you want students to learn about fish, high in protein, low in calories? I wanted to expose them to sushi. So, Mrs. Brown took a field trip to Ichiban in Asheville and met the owner Richard. He and his staff were incredibly nice and welcomed me to learn this art.

chef1I made my very first California roll.


And now I am ready to teach my class.

octoCheck out the octopus in the fridge.

IMG_0123I was surprised how many of the students enjoyed sushi.

IMG_0125It was very funny watching others like Tae, try it for the first time.


Darrion likes it his first time ever.


IMG_0127Several students gave the method a whirl.

IMG_0132Cade has some tidying to work on.

IMG_0133He claims it tastes just as good!

IMG_0136Eli, on the other hand, is quite the expert. In fact, we borrowed his personal mat.

IMG_0137Now you see why.

IMG_0138Yarah did a great job on her first try.

IMG_0139She eats sushi regularly and knows what it should look like.

IMG_0120I was impressed that nearly 100% of the kiddos tried it.

IMG_0119We had fresh ginger and sriracha and wasabi sauce, sweet rice, nori, chopsticks and the works.

IMG_0135No matter what the sushi looked like, the kids had a great experience learning and remembering that fish is high in protein and low in calories, don’t you think?


Sushi, it’s what’s for snack, in foods lab.

Do you like sushi?

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