Egg Demo and Lab {Quiche and Omelet}

IMG_0249My favorite way to emphasize that an egg pie is a quiche is to make one during a demo. I have the students take notes to discover the egg is the binder. We talk about using up leftovers and/or cleaning out the produce drawer or freezer.

This year I had a convection oven and got this 50 minute quiche started a tad late. So I cranked up the oven temperature and oops, got a little over browned on top, but still delicious.

Another great way to teach kiddos how to broil bacon for the state test is to demonstrate. So we had a little bacon on the side of our quiche sample!

In preparation for Monday’s omelet lab, we watched a one egg omelette youtube demo. It’s not the best one out there, but it’s the most frugal way to make an omelet for Foods lab.

IMG_0252This bar is always a favorite for students to go through and choose exactly what they desire.

I always have them saute the fresh veggies in the microwave for 1-2 minutes prior to adding the meat and cheese in the bowl. Next they proceed to whisk the egg in a separate bowl.

IMG_0257Nicki does a fantastic job at whisking and following directions. She chose the appropriate size whisk for the task. We have larger whisks, but this one fits the job. We are reusing skillets since students are taking turns making their own omelets.

IMG_0262Students learn to “set” the egg just right before adding the fillings.

IMG_0266Eric is practicing moving his egg around to let the liquid set on the edges.

IMG_0267Eli just finished flipping his in mid-air. His dad works as a chef and he’s learned a few tricks from him 🙂


Eric has filled his omelet with ham and cheese. What? No vegetables.

IMG_0273Kayon is thinking about his…

IMG_0261Kyah likes the choices. She is choosing healthy greens.

IMG_0258Bri, Monica and Tae always work well together as a group.

IMG_0255Monica is filling her omelet nutritious.

IMG_0256Wow, that’s a healthy omelet.

IMG_0260I’m not sure why Bri is flipping her egg, but it looks done to me.

IMG_0259Oliver is enjoying his omelet. You forgot the toast bar.

IMG_0265We always have a toast your own bar.

IMG_0271Cassidy’s omelet belongs in a restaurant, don’t you think?

IMG_0272That should tempt your tummy, it did mine and I wasn’t even hungry!

IMG_0251I love it when the student’s try new skills, such as using the pan to close the omelet or River flipping his egg in mid-air like Eli. Okay, River’s is showing off and that’s okay! Awesome work and fun to experiment in Foods.


I always love omelet and toast bar lab because it gives students the opportunity to be completely independent making his/her own individualized omelet. They are always surprised to choose exactly what he/she wants.

IMG_0253It’s a great experience and learning lab. Way to go Foods 1.




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