Easter Deviled Eggs


Eggs and more eggs galore. Students have learned all sorts of techniques ranging from oven baked, poached, boiled, omelet, quiche and now Easter deviled eggs!


They’ve also learned some of Mrs. Brown’s famous way World’s Easiest Boiled eggs from her food blog. This is the bumper car method of peeling eggs.

The Easter deviled egg idea came from this blog and we halved the recipe to 5 eggs per lab.

IMG_0287Students were amazed how easily the shells came off after they bumper car method in the pan.

IMG_0288Dying the eggs and making the yolk mixture is quite an adventure.

IMG_0289Vibrant colors in the makes with 1 tsp. vinegar and 3 drops of food coloring.

IMG_0290Gorgeous colors come alive.

IMG_0279Pastels are the result for less time in the dye.

IMG_0278Some proud students with piped yolk from a piping bag. I introduced students to the piping bag and coupler that I use with my Foods 2 students.


Eggstraordinary job Eli!IMG_0293


Sometimes the tip has to come off if the yolk won’t pass through. That’s okay too.IMG_0292We talked about the importance of garnishing, especially with deviled eggs.

IMG_0295Gorgeous Easter deviled eggs, don’t you think? Something to be proud of for an Easter meal.

I’m hoping some students will attempt this over break for extra credit.

Have you ever dyed your deviled eggs?


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