(Yeast Rolls) Kneading Yeast Dough with a Stand Mixer and Dough Hook


Here’s a fantastic recipe I demonstrated today for the kiddos. I wanted to stress the difference in hand kneading (since that’s what we did for the bread loaves for the needy) and using a powerful kitchen tool. This went along with our review day on kitchen tools with a kitchen tool scavenger relay.

Yesterday I prepped the dough during my fourth period plan so I’d have a finished product for the students to taste after they took notes on the stand mixer with dough hook process.

I chose different students to help me with demo and we walked through the recipe together.


Stand mixer with dough hook is an awesome tool for kneading.

We learned how mixing it on high speed for two minutes is equivalent to about 6 minutes of hand kneading (so much easier) and this is a test question that I emphasized.


Then end result was beautiful warm rolls straight from the oven.

Mission accomplished: teaching students how to use a stand mixer with a dough hook.


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