Caesar Salad and Bread Lab


We’ve started our table setting unit and I wanted to reinforce when and where to place a salad fork and where the bread and butter plate goes so it’s time for a lab experience.

IMG_0333Students practiced a mock set up of the correct table setting the day before as well as diving into the recipe reading.

IMG_0340The Caesar salad that we make is always a big hit. It’s so delicious and fresh.

IMG_0339The garlic bread recipe is simple and delicious also. We use a frugal loaf of bakery french bread and it was buy one get one free this week, yay.

IMG_0335We only had one whoopsie broiling. However, we never call it an epic failure, it’s a learning experience. I taught Cade how to scrape off the well toasted particles and salvage the bread.

IMG_0334It’s a cooking experience to remember.

IMG_0332Students like the softened butter and garlic smell in the kitchen.

IMG_0328The salad dressing is amazingly easy and fresh using the blender.

IMG_0329Students had to wait about 10 minutes for the bread to finish baking before pouring dressing. We talked about the importance of dressing being poured right before serving so it doesn’t wilt.

IMG_0327Great job recipe reading and using the proper equipment, thanks to a pre-lab discussion the day before.

IMG_0331Mission accomplished: A frugal salad and bread lab $30 for all three classes with the elegant table setting experience. Go Foods 1!!


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