Formal Meal Dining Project Day 2


Here’s a one third of a glimpse of the food prepared today. One class menu is taking up one refrigerator. It’s a good thing we have two others to fill up.

Yesterday students prepped their formal tables with table appointments, invitations, place cards and centerpieces. Students spent an entire class period preparing for the recipe of the day and the creative side to their table. It’s always an exciting time of the year to see what they come up with.

IMG_0397 IMG_0398One group asked me to take a photo of their mock table. You would think I’m their paparazzi or something. Some students love it, others prefer no face shots.

Vegetable soup is on the menu.


Yes, they make it from scratch.IMG_0410


IMG_0412Olive Garden salad is always a favorite.

IMG_0407I think it’s the fresh dressing that makes it the best.

IMG_0411Jequayle is really getting into his black olive slicing.

Garlic Parmesan Knots coming up next.


IMG_0403Ben is doing awesome since most of his group was taking a freshman test.

IMG_0402Italian cheese ziti is the main entree.

IMG_0413Did I mention cheesy? Ricotta and mozzarella are always a winner and this is a frugal meatless meal the kiddos love.

IMG_0404Last, but not least, chocolate cream pie made with homemade chocolate pudding.

IMG_0408Real whipped topping from heavy cream.

IMG_0400It has to have shaved chocolate.

All the food is chilling and ready for tomorrow’s serving day. I will reheat the soup, start baking the ziti and prepped bread the students made while they set all of their table appointments.

Stay tuned for all the formal tables and best manners and etiquette the students will have all year.,

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