Formal Dining Meal {Russian or Continental Style}


It’s the big day and students come in excited to set their formal table. You can see why.

IMG_0623Elegance for the very first time for many students.

IMG_0616Fine dining in a group is practiced.

IMG_0617Place cards, fancy napkin folds, bread plates.

IMG_0398Invitations and creative centerpieces.


IMG_0629I love the themed tables students come up with.

IMG_0631Popping colors on this table, love it. Reminding students, no texting at the table. It’s improper table etiquette.

IMG_0636I love the dishes chosen here.

IMG_0628Here we have a gorgeous spring table.

IMG_0627I love it all, don’t you?


The fresh flowers the girls brought in made all the difference in the world.

IMG_0625Students really enjoyed their fine dining meal.

IMG_0637Copycat Olive Garden Caesar Salad, anyone?


Kayon is patiently waiting for his next course.


Very pretty spring color combo.

IMG_0621Black and white is always elegant.

IMG_0619Homemade chocolate cream pie to end the fine dining experience.

IMG_0397Very creative and awesome job, Foods 1 classes. Way to go, love the burnt paper place cards!

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