Appalachia Foods {Liver mush and mushroom coffee??}


Let’s talk liver mush. After viewing the Liver mush Festival on Bizarre Foods, students had the opportunity to try it. We discovered new ways to eat it like eating it with grilled onions and mustard.


Onions make all the difference for a savory sandwich.

IMG_0969Mustard on top, why yes!

IMG_0968Grape jelly? Yes, we learned about this condiment from the festival.

IMG_0967Some are a little skeptical.

Others like it!


Quite a few had more than a sample, a complete sandwich!

Overall, a great experience for kids to try our own Appalachia foods from our area! We learned about other bizarre foods, such as wild mushrooms, mushroom coffee, rabbit, bear, squirrel, BBQ raccoon, backyard, baked apple opossum, deer and of course, liver mush.

Have you tried liver mush? I had teachers wandering into the Foods area looking for the liver mush 🙂

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