Healthier Homemade Pizza Rolls


Since we’ve been studying obesity as a chronic condition for several weeks, we are making healthier pizza rolls today.

Compared to Totino’s Pizza rolls,

these are much healthier with much fewer ingredients.

I adapted this recipe idea from Gunny Sack using our homemade white whole wheat dough and leftover cheese sticks I had on hand. It worked great and used up our extra resources: cheese sticks, pepperoni, Parmesan cheese and pasta sauce. It was quite frugal and easy for the kids to make right after a quiz since I had the dough made ahead of time.



I demonstrated how to wrap the pepperoni and cheese like a stork baby  pinching the dough closed at the top.

After having them visualize the stork baby, they understood what I meant to pinch it closed. Kayon got the hang of it quickly.

Kiddos had a difficult time working with the stickier homemade dough vs. store-bought biscuits, but it worked as I worked in more flour on this humid day.



Kayon is liberally flouring his work surface.IMG_0934


Two pepperonis, my friend.IMG_0951

Very nice looking rolls, Kayon.

IMG_0936Dipping sauce is always tasty.


Healthier pizza rolls or unhealthy processed Totinos? Students got to decide. I think I know which one won.





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