Leftover Chicken Challenge

IMG_1021We are on our last unit of the semester, meal planning and learning how to save money. Our chicken challenge is on. I wanted to give each cooking group a creative opportunity to use convenience chicken leftovers by giving them 1/2 of a leftover rotisserie chicken.

However, the chicken breast was on sale this week for 1.99/lb and I could purchase this cheaper than the rotisserie chickens so I went for this option. I simply boiled the breasts prior to lab with my favorite recipe and created some free freezer broth while I was making their convenience chicken.

This worked extremely well and was frugal for them.


It was fun to see what they did with their leftovers.

IMG_1019A lot of chopping and aromas going on in this group.

IMG_1034Iron chefs made awesome chicken peanut stir-fry!

IMG_1027Enchiladas, my friends.

IMG_1038Chicken tacos with a pretty presentation. They have learned something from Mrs. Brown 🙂

IMG_1040Enchiladas are done baking, you want to join us us for leftover chicken challenge, don’t you?



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