Chapter 3: Safe Food Handler


Our foods 2 lab was chicken tortilla soup. I wanted to engage students with using the thermometer hands-on. Yesterday we had quite a fun day calibrating thermometers and taking temperatures of various tasks. Even Mrs. Brown learned that the manual thermometers can be calibrated without a wrench.

After watching the youtube for the first time on calibration, a student showed me how to use the case to calibrate the thing, duh. I’m impressed by my students.

We learned quite a bit together about calibrating digital and manual thermometers via youtubes.

I also had an infrared thermometer on hand that we’re still learning how to use together. We took temps of lunchbox interiors, refrigerators, boiling water, ice water and more.


This was a great reminder to my foods 2 about the boiling temp from foods 1, 212 degrees to jog the memory. This one is measuring a bit high.



I love having hands-on real life tools for the students to use.

This precooked chicken was the perfect opportunity for them to take more temps and compare them to the finished product.


Kiddos were shredding their chicken with my kitchen tip, two forks.


Another tip to save money was making my own chicken broth for the recipe by adding celery, onions, garlic and carrots to the chicken and cooking it the day before since I wanted it to be cold.


Here’s a nice picture of our broth and other ingredients pre-measured ready to go.


Lots of yummy spices to tantalize those taste buds with the soup.

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