First Foods 1 lab: taco salad


Safety and sanitation is the key practice today. After our 1.0 unit study we put it into practice in our first real lab.IMG_1834

Students were responsible for keeping the meat and vegetables separate while prepping and washing surfaces after cooking raw meat. They even took the internal temperature of the cooked meat to make sure it was 165 degrees to ensure any unhealthy bacteria would not survive.


This first lab is a nice way to introduce safety with a butter knife to cut lettuce or students were instructed to tear the lettuce into bite size pieces. Most students chose the butter knife route.

IMG_1837In the end it was a frugal salad with some chips on the side, salsa and shredded cheese.

IMG_1836Time to move onto our kahoot to review. I think Bates is ready and willing with his phone. Let’s put it into educational use.

IMG_1833Omar and Gus are having a good time in their first lab.

IMG_1835I like for all my students to sit at a sanitized eating table so our procedure is to clean the tables before they eat every time. I remind them you never know who has been sitting on that table.

Way to go Foods 1.

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