Potato Soup Lab: 2.03 Cooking skills including slicing and dicing


I love this lab after watching our knife skills videos on craftsy. I use this lab to wrap up cooking terms along with slicing and dicing. Students really get a feel for using a knife.

The day before I tried something new I learned from summer conference, using flour as the practice board. After we watched each type of cut: high, low, pull, how to dice an onion, etc. students practiced in the flour which gave me no waste and gave me an opp to see how they would react around knives.


Flour galore.

IMG_1865Practicing thin slices.

IMG_1862Practicing a low cut

IMG_1861Practicing safety with a damp cloth under the cutting board.

And now for the real thing on day 2:

IMG_1866Vegetables and recipe, check.

IMG_1868A lot of paring and shredding going on.

Learning to use the bench scraper to move veggies is a blessing.


IMG_1869Reggie knows how it’s done.

IMG_1870He also knows how to eat it!

I could tell it was a more confident lab today when we got around to the real thing.

IMG_1884Celery was thinly sliced by Bates.

IMG_1882Another football player had a knack for dicing onions and helped another group. Now that’s what I’m talking about.

IMG_1883Imani doing a great job with paring her potato.


Lilly is carefully pouring her 1/2 gallon of water in the dutch oven to boil her vegetables for the soup.

IMG_1886The finished product was a yummy, thick rich soup after adding chicken broth with evaporated milk and cheese and smashing some of the potatoes with a potato masher. It was a new experience for the students.

IMG_1887One that they enjoyed with a handful of saltines.

IMG_1889Girls vs. boys

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