Candy Apples and Thermometer Reading {Math Skills}


We are knee deep in Servsafe and I found a perfect lab using thermometers. Students were responsible for taking temperatures before, during and after. It’s easy with this candy thermometer right inside the pot.

This is such a frugal lab using math skills.

Next semester I will definitely implement a hypothesis element. Students found that it took twenty to thirty minutes for the temperature to rise from 212 to 290! A nice visual conclusion.

IMG_1938At last the 285-290 point means time to dip.


290 degree syrup takes careful attention.

IMG_1934Ben is holding his prize high in the sky.

IMG_1930Nice work Ben. He’s learning to keep the extremely hot syrup away from his fingers while Rod assists with the pot.

IMG_1933It’s a group effort to clean out the remaining syrup. The guys are all over this task.

IMG_1936They discovered the syrup sets up quickly and resembles a jolly rancher.

IMG_1937Rod and Ethan are doing the taste test of the candy.


The girls were on their own kitchen waiting and watching patiently for the temperature to rise.

IMG_1932Candy apples within a lab period. Now that’s a fall activity using math skills, reading the thermometer, taking temperatures and making hypotheses.


Last activity involving Chapter 5 Servsafe: use by date and math, of course. Students had to write today’s date and add seven days to this schedule to figure out the use by date. Why we even looked at the calendar realizing that September only had 30 days! Yes, it’s a common core math day integrated into Foods 2 class.



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