Reading Food Labels: Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Crispy Onion Mashed Potatoes


I did this lab with a twist this year. Our quiz questions involve reading the food label from Hungry Jack Mashed potatoes. I wanted the students to know how to read and practice the label hands-on. Last year we made the basic recipe and this year we zinged it up with featured recipe on the food label: Garlic and Crispy Onion Mashed potatoes. It was the perfect recipe to reinforce essential and non-essential ingredients. Obviously the onions and garlic are completely optional and non-essential, but they sure make the finished product look tasty.


Students practiced using the entire range for this recipe. They used the stove top for boiling and they used the oven for broiling.


The Mrs. Brown tip was to leave the door ajar to keep a close eye on the product.


Reading the recipe that the students wrote themselves is vital. They are required to read it twice, comprehend and understand the cooking vocabulary prior to lab. This is a reading common core reinforcement.

Yesterday they halved the original 8 serving recipe to 4 servings. It’s a great math common core reinforcement. Dividing all the ingredients by half takes math skills! In many cases, this calls for a fraction review lesson johnny on the spot. This is their own recipe that they have re-written in their own language.


Overall, the finished products were delicious looking and smelled divine.


Students learned that non-essential ingredients can be divided on top of the mashed potatoes. Don’t like onions? No problem here.


Way to go Jayden, our JV football player. He’s using his equipment correctly and taking cooking to the next level making Mrs. Brown proud!

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