Chapter 8: Sliders to check critical control points

IMG_2224 - Copy

We are diving into chapter 8 of Servsafe looking at the 7 principles of HACCP. I wanted the students to recall the minimum internal cooking temperatures of ground beef patties by making sliders in lab today. Since making sure the the ground beef is cooked to 155 as a critical control point in the HACCP plan is on the quiz, we practiced it this in lab today.

We used Alton’s video on food network as well as his easy recipe here. I like the video instructions and we always use our digital thermometer to take temperatures in Foods 2.


I liked the way Alton suggests using parchment paper to keep the student’s hands clean and make the patties uniform.


They enjoyed adding the spices and cutting the meat into sliders.


Here is our critical control point check, ensuring the sliders are safe to serve.

IMG_2224 - Copy

They look ready for toppings to me.

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