King Arthur Bake Truck Visit {Real Hands-on Experience outside the Classroom}


The King Arthur Bake Truck rolled into AHS today. I am privileged to partner with such a dynamic baking company. This is our second year working with an amazing team who sends us flour to help the needy through the Bake for Good Program
Because the Bake truck was already in Asheville visiting Ingles and Earthfares stores, we were fortunate to borrow Kathy and Amelia for a couple of hours. I’m at awe at the number of months they travel throughout the year through hot and cold weather.

Our foods 1 students enjoyed the visit, especially sampling the homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

download (4)

Guess who else enjoyed a cookie or two?

download (6)

Our foodie administrator likes cookies just like the students.


Foods 2 students really got a hands-on experience preparing cookies on the truck.


Alexius got to fire up the truck on the breaker box!

Deandre is studying his wrapping skills.


I love having real life job skills for them to try.


Kali, our brand new student is in for a real treat. She is firing up the oven and gets to prep cookies with our class. She came at the right time.


Students were engaged in questions with our special guest in the hat.


The foodservice oven is climbing to the correct temperature. The ladies informed me the cookies had to be rotated since they were parked on a ramp. We watched them as they moved trays around and gave students the royal treatment inside.


Food service gloves used by my students learning servsafe.


Another batch of cookies almost ready.


Do I see a future for Kidia on a food truck?


Ethan is a happy customer.


Students learned about temporary health inspections on the road.


They saw a 3-compartment sink which we are addressing next week. How convenient is that?


It’s a beautiful day for learning with King Arthur. Thank you to Paula, Julie, Kathy and Amelia for an amazing experience for my students.

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