Pie Lab

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Our Thanksgiving Feast prep continues with pie crust for 20. I found this easy recipe here which turned out be be a bit messy by hand, but very useful in the end because we had twenty pie crusts which saved us a lot of money.


Rod in the middle was super helpful and made the pie crust in the Kitchen Aid mixer once we got the ingredients divided. I can see where a very large commercial mixer would come in handy for this project. However, we made it work by dividing the ingredients in half.

Ben is doing a good job rolling out the bottom crust for his next apple pie.

You can see the apple pie filling Deandre is using from a ziploc bag. We made the filling ahead of time and froze it. It was super handy to have this ready to fill the pies today.

You can also see the sweet potato pie we made from the allrecipes website here. We also cooked the sweet mashed potato ahead of time and froze it as well. Today we made the filling with 2 cups of the thawed sweet potato.

The pies cooked about 15 minutes longer than the usual time. The apple pies also cooked about 15 minutes longer with the cold filling.

Pie Crust Recipe for 20 crusts:

  • 5 lb unbleached  all-purpose flour
  • 2 Tbsp. salt
  • 3 lb can Crisco vegetable shortening (we used Butter-Flavored Crisco)
  • 3 cups ice waterDivide flours, salt and shortening between two very large bowls.
    Blend flour, salt, and Crisco together (by hand if necessary).
    Add ice water and mix all together just until blended.
    Form into patties weighing approx. 7.6 oz. each (if you have a scale and want to get 20 out of the recipe).

    Makes about 18 to 20. We weighed (20) 7 oz. crusts.IMG_2531

Annie and Cali rocked out some super looking pies.


I loved how articulate Annie and Cali were making the top crust look fancy.


They didn’t get to see the finished baked pies since they had to bake an hour. We even had two volunteers to help our groups thanks to a sign up sheet I had posted using Signupgenuis. This was a great way to involve our PTO and faculty.IMG_2534


Here’s another community helper with our third cooking group.

IMG_2545Our pies were a true success thanks to freezer cooking, community volunteers and a willing spirit from Foods 2 class members.

It takes a village to make nine pies from scratch in ninety minutes.


I know we’ll all be enjoying these fresh sweet potato and apple pies from local apples and sweet potatoes from a nearby farm.




I heart Thanksgiving too.

No mater what pie you choose, we’ll have plenty waiting.

Thank you everyone for your hard work. We’ll be eating on Tuesday, maybe dessert first.




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