The Day Before The Thanksgiving Feast

IMG_2551It’s the day before our Thanksgiving Feast and we are busy, busy, busy.

It all starts with first period pulling out he giblets and neck for the very first time. PRICELESS to watch.


Plenty of seasoning on the inside and outside.

IMG_2553Em cuts up plenty of vegetables.


Dressed up and ready to go.

Second period had visitors galore.

IMG_2561We were super blessed to have local cookbook authors come in and share roasting techniques from their cookbook Farmer and Chef South.

IMG_2568Amazing looking local chickens from Hickory Nut Gap.

IMG_2575Gorgeous root veggies mixed in with our local turkey legs and wings from Hickory Nut.

IMG_2566Our cooking team was busily recorded by our local news station.

IMG_2563Ben and Rod were our rock stars being prepped for a recording.

IMG_2558They’re also fantastic peeling potatoes.

IMG_2559Cali is learning butternut cutting techniques. The authors suggested microwaving the squash for a minute to soften the tough skin. Excellent idea.

IMG_2577The result was two picture worthy chickens. We were all ready to dig in before the feast day.

IMG_2569It was a great day with Foods 2 class. We always love to have guest speakers and hands-on instruction. Thank you to Ms. Debbie and Christine for taking time out of their busy day for students.

IMG_2574Quen is not looking thrilled with his cutting job, but he’ll enjoy the meal tomorrow.

IMG_2570Wondering how those three large turkeys are coming along? Third period is checking on the temperature.


Turkey number two is a 15-pound verses a 25-pound, but and it’s nearly done.

IMG_2578Turkey three is perfectly roasted and resting for the gravy.

IMG_2579Our very own gravy chef comes along to save the day. Mrs. Iuliaono prepares three large stock-pots of gravy. Many of our own AHS teachers, parents and volunteers have given time and energy to this feast.

What an incredible last day of prep and cooking. We are ready for our feast. Three cakes were frosted and eight gallons of iced tea was prepared. We were too busy to take pictures. Stay tuned for the feast day.

Bring on the students, parents and faculty at AHS.

Cougar Paw Final



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