Garnishing Lab Day 2

Garnishing has many skills to cover including plate painting with chocolate sauce.

Students were carving a melon basket with a paring knife and using the melon baller. Why not add the fruit to the pretty plates?IMG_2664They found the bamboo skewer to be useful when creating webs.

They also learned the importance of having a clean plate when serving  the elite.

IMG_2656Our melon basket was coming along thanks to Rod and Annie.

IMG_2655Citrus being pared.

IMG_2658Here’s our frugal way of practicing garnishing sandwiches on the side.

We made grilled cheese and students practiced the garnishes with carrot curls or other skills they remember.

I really like this one.IMG_2654

Last was butter curls which required some technique to make a full pretty butter curl for toast points.

Lovely butter curls.

IMG_2650Learning to use the v-cutter was more difficult than students imagined. We opted for the smallest paring knife we have on hand.

A great day of garnishing with Foods 2 students.

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