Steak Fajita Lab with Homemade Corn tortillas


Who loves fajitas? Who doesn’t when it’s made with the freshest, healthiest ingredients available.

We started marinating our grass-fed steak from our local CSA yesterday with this marinade recipe.


Check out the price of the steak! A whopping $50 worth for two classes, eight lab groups. They are getting a tiny amount thanks to the farm to school grant we are participating in. Students would not be eating steak if it weren’t for this grant.

IMG_2673We were blessed to have guests today from the Hispanic culture. I invited Mrs. Palmer’s ESL students to lend our students a hand. And did they ever.

Our students collaborated well together. Since she only had five students it worked out so well we decided to do it again on Friday when we are studying the Asian culture with sushi. Myra volunteered to make dumplings for the class. She looks like she’s enjoying our Hispanic day with Latino music in the background.IMG_2681Our tortilla recipe was much easier to follow with the help of a youtube from allrecipes here. However, the Hispanic students definitely knew how the dough should feel with more water than the recipe called for.

IMG_2678This family of three stuck together in one lab group and worked well reading the recipe.


It’s such a great experience for all students of all races working together and sharing cultures. That’s why I love Foods classes, exposing them to all kinds of ethnic eating patterns. Mission accomplished today: sharing a Hispanic recipe full of fresh fiber and healthy nutrients along with a surprise collaboration with ESL students. I’m proud of my first period for going with the flow and sharing the foods space with Mrs. Palmer’s students. We look forward to Friday studying the Asian culture.


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