Sushi and Dumpling Demo {Studying Asian Culture}


Our foods 1 students have studied Hispanic and Southern Appalachian area (specifically Shelby, NC) and now we’re sampling some Asian culture.

Once again, we’re collaborating with Mrs. Palmer’s ESL students and Myra, an Asian student volunteered to add to our Sushi samples by making homemade dumplings from scratch.

IMG_2692She made the dough from scratch and it was a huge hit among all cultures in our class.


It was fantastic to see Hispanic, African American and Caucasian  cultures working side by side.


Look how busy this small class of five is.

After boiling the dumplings for three minutes, she pan fried the dumplings.

IMG_2704Talk about an amazing flavorful dumpling.

IMG_2703Plenty of dumplings to share. Thank you Myra.

Our foods class got started on the sushi while Myra finished up the samples.

Students are prepping fresh ingredients like avocado, cucumber and sushi rice.

The rice is pressed on the bamboo mat covered with plastic wrap. Nori on top of that and prepped with a piece of crab meat.

Cucumber and avocado are placed on top and we’re ready to roll it.

Some like it with crab, some without.

Rebekah and Lilly really love it.


Real Asian culture: sushi, dumpling and kimchi. We learned that Asia is more prone to stomach cancer because of the salted meats and fish and pickled vegetables in their diet.

We’re experiencing Asian foods firsthand.


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