Bad and Bacteria Lab {Top 5 dirty places in our school}

Do you want to know some of the dirtiest places in our high school? Foods 2 students did some hypothesizing, creation of homemade agar,  investigation, research and evaluation over a two-week span.


We thought the inside cafeteria tables would be dirty, but after swabbing the outside tables, we were wrong. The outside tables was the top dirtiest place. We figured the inside tables were wiped frequently due to the number of students. However, the outside metal tables are most likely not addressed frequently. As a result they are extremely dirty. Students should definitely wipe the tables with a wipe before eating if they saw this bacteria!

IMG_2794The stairs were quite gross, too. The foods 2 students swabbed the stairs on the stair well.


Don’t walk on those stairs without shoes!

IMG_2796Another alarming dirty spot was the hand sanitizer top in the main library. Hmmmm, thinking we should be clean, we’re exposing ourselves to nasty looking bacteria.


This will give you a reason to wash your hands before you eat lunch. This is the bacteria growth from the cafeteria door handles. YUCK!


Last, but not least, the library users who lean on the counter beware. Use the hand sanitizer with caution, lol.IMG_2792Our least dirty places included a student’s shoelaces, our ovens in the foods lab, student iphone and a few others.


Our conclusion was to wash our hands more frequently and bacteria is nasty. Now we’re moving on to growing good bacteria, the kind you can eat.

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